The fertile valley of the river Kho is home to (what is left) of the Zamoran Empire.  Deep in the heart of the water less waste of the Zamoran Desert, the Empire is isolated from enemies, both physically and culturally.

The Zamoran Empire is the oldest (remaining) human civilization.  Even the Elves recognize the longevity of it!  It has waxed and waned continuously for over 5,000 years.  At one time controlling most of Palador and even beyond.   
There are five Sacred Cities in the Valley of the Kho.  Zamora, the ancient Capital.  Illith, Nesh, Sumea and Khopi.  Additionally there is another physical city,  Thanos, City of the Dead.  Few actually live in Thanos, it is a vast Tomb where all the dead of Zamora are interred for the Afterlife.  Only the Keepers, the Priests of the complex pantheon of deities that dominate Zamora, actually live there.  A final city plays an important role in Zamoran life.  Zarroth, City of the Gods.  It has no physical manifestation (generally) but it is where every Zamoran wishes to spend the Afterlife.
Though Bala and Kostrin missionaries have attempted to gain footholds in Zamora, they have been unsuccessful and few have ever returned from their missions.

The Kho valley is lush and rich.  rejuvenated by annual flooding, and supports a very large population for the size of the area.   In addition to its practical importance, the Kho has powerful symbolic and religious significance to the Zamorans.   The surrounding desert and the mountain regions to the south of Zamora have long been a source of mineral wealth to the empire as well as being the first line of defense from outside attack. 
Only in the fertile delta, where the Kho flows into the sea is Zamora vulnerable to outside attack, and there are massive and ancient fortifications, with defenses said to be steeped in Sorcery, that protects the area.  These were built and are maintained by the rulers of Zamora.  Powerful Priest Kings and Sorcerers who are said to become Gods upon death.

Some believe that as Zamora once ruled almost all of Palador, one day it will rise again and take back what was theirs.