The Continent of Solista

The continent of Solista lies entirely north of Titan’s equator. The southern third of Solista is temperate and fertile, but as one travels north the climate grows cooler, growing seasons shorter and, eventually, becomes extremely cold!
Deciduous forests dominate much of the southern part of Solista, with extensive grasslands in the central, plateau region and conifer forests occurring as the terrain rises towards the central mountain chain. Northern sections are rugged, dominated by vast snow fields, areas grassland and tundra and ultimately glacial ice.

Solista has over forty sovereign states and few regions. The major states are:

Lutha, Wescon, Alvania, Kintalia, Wolohan, Baltar

These six nations are the major powers in Solista, their ruling families are as follows:

Kingdom of Lutha = Rubrinroths
Kingdom of Wescon = Migalas
Kingdom of Alvania = Sauders
Kingdom of Baltar = Sauders
Kingdom of Kintalia = Gasparas
Kingdom of Wolohan = McDoss

Many of the other thirty plus nations are, with some exceptions, tied to one or more of these families by blood or marriage. These states are, mostly, located in the temperate regions to the south.  However, many of the smaller, Independent Kingdoms, are located in the border areas between Southern Solista and the Barbarian controlled region of Gallena.

Allied State Family Alliance
Altas, Principality Migalas
Karthas, Grand Duchy Migalas
Nestron, Duchy Migalas
Arvia, Duchy Sauders
Gennos, Duchy Sauders
Helstro, Principality Sauders
Mulvia, Duchy Sauders
Partha, Kingdom Sauders
Pendor, Kingdom Sauders
Skoda Isle, Duchy Sauders
Carpatia, Principality Rubinroths
Favarnia, Grand Duchy Rubinroths
Juleland, Duchy Rubinroths
Naria, Kingdom Rubinroths
Soleria, Duchy Rubinroths
Stenia, Kingdom Rubinroths
Varna, Principality Rubinroths
Cyruss, Duchy McDoss
Morvia, Grand Duchy McDoss
Donnalia, Principality Gasparas
Rhylos, Duchy Gasparas
Finlas Independent Kingdom
Lessus Independent Kingdom
Lystia Independent Kingdom
Rederia Independent Kingdom
Tyr Independent Kingdom
Umea Independent Kingdom
Wolohs Independent Kingdom
Vara Independent Kingdom
Land’s End Independent Kingdom
Braken Independent Kingdom
Skarl Independent Kingdom
Rhun Independent Kingdom
Ghedda Independent Kingdom
Tarpia, Khanate Ilshar Empire
Gallena Barbarian Tribes (Independent Region)
Dhun-That Dwarven Realm  (Independent)
ShanTah Elven Kingdom  (Independent)

Tarpia is a military conquest by the Empire of Ilshar from across the Sea of Storms.  The ruler, the Khan, is appointed by the Emperor.

The Barrier Peaks

The central east to west mountain range that virtually cuts Solista in half. It is known by several names, depending on where you are. The Barrier, The Gray Mountains, ‘Dhun-Da-Thar’ (if you are a Dwarf) THE Mountains, The Fence, ‘ShanTahVa’ (to the Elves.)
There are a few reliable passes through the mountains, especially to the east and west ends, but much of the center is virtually impassable to all but skilled climbers and woodsmen. Its southern slopes are conifer forest until the altitude is too great and cold. Most of the interior passes and valleys are permanently choked with snow, ice and growing glaciers.
Deep beneath the mountains lies one of the great Dwarven Realms of Titan. No outsider knows its full extent or all of its entrances and cities. There are ‘public’ places where the Dwarves conduct business with the outside world, but few non Dwarves are permitted to penetrate very deep into the depths of the Realm of Dhun-Thar.
The mountain range forms something of a fish hook on its western end, turning north and then east. In the cusp of this hook is a large fresh water lake linked to several smaller ones. This valley, though cold, is mostly snow free and is home to both conifer and deciduous trees. It is also home to the largest population of Elves in Solista. The Kingdom of ShanTah.

The Wastelands

North of the mountains the conifer forest gives way to grasslands and frozen tundra and deepening snow fields. The lands are commonly referred to as the Wastelands. This refers both to the fact that little grows here and to the ‘waste’ of the glacial till and drift that tumbles ahead of the slow moving mountains of ice.
Here lie a string of poor, but tough, independent Kingdoms. They eek out a living along the forest edges and by trading ores, gems and minerals that are spewed out of the leading edges of the oncoming glaciers and hunting reindeer, musk ox and the great mammoths that feed off the grasses and forest verge.


Gallenna is an area that occupies much of the north and east of Solista. It is rugged, ice bound land that is seemingly uninhabitable but still manages to support Bug Bears, Giants, Frostmen and extremely tough Barbarians.
Periodic migrations of these barbarians, south or west cause great consternation to the southern kingdoms of Solista. Traditionally the first line of defense are the rugged, snow swept Independent Kingdoms that lie to the north of the central mountains, and since most of the Barbarian tribes are a foot, usually these areas can sop up or drive back the influx. However, on more then one occasion the migrations have crossed the Bay of Finlas in boats and ships, taking the southern nations by surprise.
A rare multi prong migration, both by sea and overland caused widespread panic and culminated in the Battle of Palmyra, fifteen years ago.

The Frozen Lands

An area larger and even colder then Gallenna. A vast field of ice and snow where the glaciers grind ever south, and are sometimes miles thick.
There are no major populations of humans here, beyond a few nomadic hunters. Even Bug Bears are thin on the surface, though they are said to be numerous beneath the ice. This is the Domain of the Frostmen and they tolerate few trespassers.

Civilized (Southern) Solista is dominated by one faith, Kostris, though it is divided into several sects. The Barbarian region is home to many Pagan Deities. While north of the Barrier Peaks Druidism is widely practiced.