Cults of the Beast


On Titan there is a belief by some that there exist 13 perfect specimens of each of the animal creatures of the world. And these 13 are fully intelligent and are the models for all the individual members of the species to look up to. They exist to aid either a pivotal member or a large group of a species that is threatened. These 13 are held to have Powers, individually and collectively, that are utilized to benefit their own kind.

The Beast Lords, as they are referred to, generally care little for the two legged sentients that share the world with them, beyond how those creatures impact their own kind. But they have been known to ‘adopt’ allies from the two legged population. These allies are worshipers of the Beast Lords, though there is no religious services, temples or clerics connected to the worship. However, some of the Beast Lords do grant, under rare circumstances, powers to an individual ally. (Some Sages have speculated that this is the origin of Lycanthropy.)

The Beast Lords have also been known to work with some Elves and high level Druids, these being the only two legged ones that are regarded with any trust. Even so, this is an unusual and rare event.