Silver and Cold Iron Weapons

In the absence of an Enchanted weapon, Silver and Cold Iron are valuable substitutes and in some circumstances more practical and useful then an enchanted equivalent.

Silver Weapons

When considering a weapon for dealing with those creatures that are vulnerable to Silver weapons, it is important to note that they are vulnerable to SILVER weapons, NOT ‘silvered’ weapons.
(‘Silvering’ is not a technique that exists on Titan.  The closest thing would be dipping a weapon in molten silver and such a coating would quickly detach and fall away.)

Silver is a soft metal compared to steel, iron or bronze.  It bends, nicks and dulls quickly when used for blades.   This limits the size and type of silver weapons that are available.

Silver weapons will need frequent sharpening and care.  Arrow heads and darts always deform on impact and though the arrow or dart and tip may be recovered, it will be unusable. 
Daggers, knives and spear tips will dull quickly, -1 damage after five combat rounds.  And will usually be bent after a fight.  Individuals with jeweler, silver or gold smith, armorer or blacksmith can straighten most bent silvered weapons.  (If they have tools.)
Mace and hammer heads are solid pieces of silver, and though they will deform over time they remain functional.

Silver Weapons

Weapon Type Cost
Dagger, small 4″- 6″ blade 10gp
Dagger, medium 6″ – 8″ blade 20gp
Dagger, large 8″- 10″ blade 30gp
Knife, sheath 5″- 7″ blade 20gp
Knife, sheath 7″- 10″ blade 30gp
Knife, folding 3″-5″ blade 5gp
Knife, folding 5″- 7″ blade 10gp
Throwing Dagger (knife) 6″-8″ 25gp EACH
Throwing Dagger (knife) large 8″-10″ 35gp EACH
Arrow, Hunting (short or long) 1gp
Quarrel, Light 10sp
Quarrel, Medium 15sp
Quarrel, Heavy 1gp
Spear Tip, Boar/Hunting 20gp
Spear Tip, Throwing 10gp
Javelin Tip 5gp
Dart, Short 2.5gp
Dart, Long 3gp
Mace, Bar* 60gp
Mace, Footman 80gp
Mace, Horseman 40gp
Cludgel Spikes (typically 6) 30gp
Hammer/Maul 70gp
Hammer 10gp

Note:  ‘Bodkin’ type war tips cannot be made from silver.  The metal is too soft and deforms too easily for the armor penetrating ability of bodkin points.

 * Silver Bar Maces are subject to frequent bending!



Cold Iron

Cold Iron, or ‘wrought iron’ is iron that has been subjected to only enough heat to remove some of the impurities.  The shaping and forming is done while the metal is cold or cooling.  Weapons of cold iron are brittle and easily broken or shattered, which limits the size, shape and weight of what can be made.  Working with cold iron is labor intensive and physically harder then working with properly heated iron and many projects fail with the piece breaking.  Only small blades, arrow and bolt tips can be reliably made of Cold Iron.  Larger blades (like a medium dagger or spear point) are much more expensive when they are available.

Weapon Type Cost
Dagger, small 4″- 6″ blade 20gp
Dagger, medium 6″ – 8″ blade 60gp
Knife, sheath 5″- 7″ blade 60gp
Knife, folding 3″-5″ blade 10gp
Knife, folding 5″- 7″ blade 10gp
Throwing Dagger (knife) 6″-8″ 60gp EACH
Arrow, Hunting (short or long) 2gp
Quarrel, Light 1gp
Quarrel, Medium 1.5gp
Quarrel, Heavy 2gp
Spear Tip, Boar/Hunting 80gp
Spear Tip, Throwing 60gp
Javelin Tip 10gp
Dart, Short 5gp
Dart, Long 6gp
Cludgel Spikes (typically 6) 60gp