NOTE: A few change sto the Ranger class.

Since Orcs do not exist on Titan, the race is not part of the Giant Class creatures that Rangers gain bonuses in fighting.

Only Rangers from the Order of the Oak (see below) will gain Druidic spell ability at 8th level  HOWEVER, any Ranger may gain Magic User spell ability at 9th level.

Rangers may be True Neutral in alignment.  They may never be evil in alignment.


Origin of Rangers
It is recorded by sages that the first Rangers were trained by the Elves to assist in the Goblin Wars.  Since those distant days the skills of Rangers have been passed on and spread through most of Titan.  Most Rangers are trained by other Rangers, it is largely (but not exclusively) a ‘parent to child’ career path.  Rangers can be of any religion, however, only Druidic trained Rangers, who are part of the Order of the Oak, will be able to learn Druid spells at 8th level.


The Order of the Oak
This ancient Order has long been the Guardians of Druids, Druidic Faithful and the Sacred Groves.  Like non order Rangers, most learn their craft from family, but also with the supervision and guidance of a Druid.  Rangers of the Order are mostly free to pursue their own activities, but are always on call from the Druids and are bound by Oath to protect the Faithful with their skills and further the Cause of maintaining the Balance of Life. 
A Ranger of the Order has a duty to answer a call from a Druid or a pleas from the Faithful, and to protect a Grove as well as intervene (or seek Druidic aid) in matters that seem to be despoiling of the natural balance. 
Rangers of the Order donate their excess wealth to a Grove or Groves.
When serving the Order and the Cause, Rangers may ignore the restrictions on how many may operate together. (For the duration of the task or mission.)
Rangers of the Order may be True Neutral or of Good alignment.

Rangers of the Order may expect (reasonable) aid from Druids and members of the Faithful in times of need or when serving the Cause.