Undead of Titan


The Curse of Undeath is a scourge that runs rampant across all of Titan. From the frozen Cairns in the haunted wastes to the leprous ghoul packs of the Zamoran Desert that howl before the ancient tombs of the God Kings. It stalks the streets of teeming cities and skulks the edges of isolated villages. The Undead can take many forms and have varying origins , strengths and powers.



Battling the Undead

Contrary to popular belief not all undead are destroyed by sunlight. Some are merely inconvenienced and others are not harmed at all.

Running Water
Another common misconception is that running water will destroy or at least deter the undead. This is only a reliable defense against a few varieties and even then requires the correct circumstances to be effective.

Though no undead are harmed, or even repelled by mirrors, some do avoid them because a mirror can reveal their true nature to an observant viewer.

It is widely held that the odor of crushed garlic and fresh garlic flowers will keep the Undead at bay. Insofar as the creatures, by their very nature, do not breath and therefore, presumably, cannot smell; it seems unlikely that this is a reliable defense, though some Sages hold otherwise, ascribing acidic like effect of garlic vapors on undead flesh.

Holy Water
Holy Water, produced by Kostrin, Balan and Morodin clerics is regarded as universally effective against all types of undead.

Consecrated Ground
Although Consecrated Ground, such as the land used in some cemeteries, temples and shrines will keep out many undead, it is not absolute proof against them.

Weapons and Combat

Physically combating the Undead is difficult and dangerous, especially since many types are resistant to ordinary weapons and even some magical attacks. However it is effective, if properly equipped.

Ordinary Weapons
Bronze and steel can be used effectively against the weakest of the undead, but will be found wanting against the stronger types.

This metal is effective against many, but not all, types of undead.

Enchanted weapons come in a wide variety and though all undead are vulnerable to enchanted weapons, not all enchanted weapons are equally effective on all undead.

One of the principal means of defeating the Undead is through the Divine Power and Faith of the Clerics that serve the Kostrin, Balan and Morodin faiths. But there are limits, relating to type, purpose and place, that must be kept in mind.


The Undead

The weakest of the Undead are those created by Arcane Magic. Skeletons, zombies and such, brought into existence by Wizards and Necromancers to serve as guards, laborers and soldiers. Those undead created through Arcane Magic are the easiest for a Cleric to Turn and in most cases the creature is not in its own tomb, making it more vulnerable to Turning.

Those Undead created by Divine Magic, by the actions of Clerics and Divine Agency, are harder for Clerics to Turn and are often found within Sacred or Consecrated sites, cemeteries and tombs, making them far more resistant to Turning.

Not all Undead are created for evil purpose. Skeletons, Zombies, Wights and Mummies are used in some cultures and time periods as Guardians of the Dead and the Burial Goods consigned in the tombs. They are also used as guards for some sacred sites. Undead that are created for such purposes, while fulfilling their role, are very difficult for a Cleric to Turn. Clerics of the originating Faith will find it particularly difficult.

Those Undead that are guarding or protecting their own Tomb and goods, or those undead driven into or consigned to their own tomb are also much harder to Turn. There is nowhere for these undead to be ‘turned’ to.

Type of Undead and/or Circumstances

Effect on Turning (Effects ARE cumulative when applicable.)

Arcane Skeletons and Zombies, etc

Turned normally per the Table.

Divine Skeletons and Zombies, etc

Turned as one class higher on the table. Skeletons treated as Zombies. Zombies treated as Ghouls, etc

Undead found in its own graveyard

Turned as one class higher on the table.

Undead Dedicated to Protecting

Turned as two classes higher on the table.

Undead within its own Tomb

Turned as three classes higher on the table.

Cleric of the creating Faith vs Undead Dedicated to Protecting

Turned as three classes higher on the table.

Ghouls and Ghasts

A Ghoul’s touch causes Paralysis in its victim, unless the victim is an Elf who are mostly immune to the effect.  A Ghoul’s bite can result in the victim becoming a ghoul after death.

A Ghast’s touch also causes Paralysis, and it DOES effect Elves.  A Ghast’s bite can cause a victim to become a Ghoul after death.