The Red Faith

The Demon Lords or ‘The Red Faith’

Both Kostrin and Bala teaching hold that there is a vast array of Evil and Demonic creatures that are locked away from this world by the power of their deity.
Many of the Kostrin and Balan Priests feel that the power for Arcane Magic (versus Divine) is derived from these Demons. It is leaked into this world to corrupt, deceive and pave the way for the Demon’s Triumphal Entry. (Obviously, not everyone ascribes to this theory.)
That Demons or Devils, and other extra planar creatures exist is undisputed. And there are many who worship these beings for their own reasons and goals. Collectively these are called ‘The Red Faith.’

On Titan the terms ‘Demon’ and ‘Devil’ are used interchangeably.  So to, the names of their abode… ‘Hell’ the ‘Abyss’ the ‘Pit’  the ‘Darkness’ are all interchangeable. 
These creatures come in many forms and range from minor beings to Great Lords and Rulers.  No one knows how many there are, or the proper names of all but a few.  Legend says that there is an ancient Book, a Codex that lists the full, True Names of all the denizens of the Abyss.  If it exists, its whereabouts are unknown though from time to time pages, or copies of pages, surface and are a source of woe to many and a means to power for others.

The ‘common names’ of some of the most powerful and infamous of the Demonic and Diabolic beings are…

‘Orcus’ Prince of Darkness, Lord of the Undead

Asmodeus ‘Arch Duke and Overlord of Hell’

Demogorgon ‘Prince of Demons’

Ballzebul ‘Grand Duke of Hell’

Dispater ‘Arch Devil’

Geryon ‘The Wild Beast’

This is by no means a complete list!  And these ARE NOT the True Names of these entities and are not adequate, in themselves, for summoning and control.  However, it is said that casual, frequent and indiscriminate use of these names MAY draw the entity’s attention to the speaker…

There are many Cults that serve these creatures in secret.  Gaining wealth and power in life, and the promise of more in the afterlife, in exchange for service and sacrifice to advance the goals of the Dark Ones. These cultists consists, mostly, of humans, goblinoids and reptile races.