Scholars debate the origin of Halflings, Some advocating the idea that they are some byproduct of inter species breeding, Human/Dwarf or Elvin/Dwarf, or even an early Human sub species, while others feel they are a unique race of their own that was simply overlooked by the Ancient Elves and Dwarves until comparatively recent times (the last 10,000 or so years.) Whatever their origin they are not particularly numerous and hold no territory or kingdoms of their own, instead making their homes along side Human, Dwarf or Elvin populations.
Although much shorter and smaller then a human, heights range from 2.5′ to 3.5′ and weight from 45 to 90 pounds, their overall appearance and coloration is very human like. So much so that they can often pass for human children.


Halflings are almost universally followers of Druidism.  They use the language of their closest human neighbors. Most educated Halflings can read and write the Human Common tongue of the area and either Dwarven or Elvish, depending on their family bloodline.  Stouts have old alliances and ties to the Dwarves and usually can speak (at least) A-Rhuk, Dwarvish.  The better educated can read and write it.  While Tallfellows are known to have ties to the Wood Elves.  They can usually speak Elvish (Shahla) and the educated can read and write it as well.

Though the vast majority of halflings are farmers or ordinary craftfolk, cobblers, bakers, tailors and such, there is a noted group of related Halfling families, all Tallfellows, who through multi generational connections with a Grey Elf Wizard named Gaffarro became the, almost unique, book publishers of Solista.   The wizard in question engaged a family of halflings, the Glenns, to print and bind books for him as part of a massive research project he was engaged in.  Though Gaffarro passed away about a century ago, several of his apprentices have carried on with his work and other Sages, Priests and Magic users have used the family to publish their own works. Today the Glenns Book Binders are located in three cities in Solista and are known for buying and selling, repairing and restoring and printing and binding books.