The seemingly endless sea of grass and rolling savannas of Yttral are home to tribes of nomadic herdsmen.  These tribes, some numbering a hundred thousand strong, are ruled by War Chiefs, called ‘Rana’ and Horse Masters known as ‘Deh Sardar.’  The nomads are egalitarian in regards to who rules them.  Women are ‘Rana’ or ‘Deh Sardar’ as often as men.  It is a role that is earned through success in battle and in handling the herds.

The herds, cattle and horses and some sheep and goats, are the life of the tribes.  But above all are the Horses.  The tribes future and wealth is ultimately measured in horses. The nomads of Yttral are considered by most experts to be the finest horse archers and light cavalry in the world. 

The Yttral Bow, a Composite bow of horn, sinew and wood, is regarded as the best bow made by humans.  (Even the Elves give it grudging respect!)

The Yttral nomad uses a single edged, slightly curved sword, called a ‘Yatagan.’  This, along with the bow and a lance, are the weapons they have trained with since birth!  The nomads are much in demand as cavalry in the Empire, Caliphate and the independent Kingdoms and even the Solistan Colonies.  They do not come cheap, and only in company sized groups (100+) or larger.  No matter who employs them, the Yttral nomad will never fight against members of their own tribe.  Consequently, employers attempt to negotiate exclusive contracts with the tribe’s Rana. 
Another complication with employing Yttral nomads is their resistance to learning other languages!  Thus forcing an employer to hire officers able to speak Yttral.