Healer & Healing



(See Death and Dying)

Anyone can learn to be a Healer by studying under an accomplished one for at least 6 months. The extended time period is needed to learn to identify the various plants and herbs used in their various stages of growth.

Healer Levels are gained with experience points that must be DEDUCTED from those points earned in the character’s primary class. The character may decide how much experience is transferred, from 1% to 10%. NO MORE then 10% of any experience award from combat and related activities can be transferred to Healer.  When experience points are awarded for non combat activities (per the DM) extra points, up to that total, may be assigned to Healer.

Example: A Ranger with a sub class of Healer earns 650 EXP for killing Orcs on an adventure. The Ranger may assign UP TO 65 exp to Healer, putting the remaining 585 exp into the Ranger class.  If the Ranger earned an additional 100 points for helping to gather food for a starving village, he may apply up to all of the 100 points to Healer.

Having a Healer (of any level) in attendance to an injured individual, increases Natural Healing rate to 2hp per day for the first 30 days, then 6hp per day there after.  (SEE 7th level description below.)

A Healer MUST have a Healer’s Bag with him or her in order to administer First Aid.

The Healer gains abilities and Formulas as they advance in levels.

1st level: Basic First Aid. This is more the Binding Wounds to stop bleeding (which anyone can do.) This stops the bleeding and restores 1-3 hit points damage. It takes 1 turn to administer. It may be applied only once per character, per day. (Generally this is NOT done in combat!)
Formula for Prepared Bandages (See Below.)  Healer prepared bandages are treated with various herbs, oils and liniments that enhance the bandages properties and, when combined with a Healer’s training, allow the enhanced healing both for First Aid and over time.

2nd level: Formula for mixing and preserving Elvin Wound Tea.

3rd level: Enhanced First Aid. This enhanced form of First Aid stops bleeding and restores 1d6 hit points damage. It takes 1 hour to administer. It may be applied only once per character, per day. The subject must then rest for 8 hours for the treatment to be effective.

4th level: Formula for mixing and preserving Elvin Venom Poultice

5th level: Formula for mixing and preserving Elvin Wound Balm

6th level: Formula for mixing and preserving Elvin Burn Balm

7th level. Physician A Healer with this level of skill doubles natural daily healing (to 4hp per day for the first 30 days then 12hp per day thereafter) of those attended PLUS 1-3 hit points recovered each day, adding the result to the natural healing for the day.

8th level: Formula for mixing and preserving Elvin Elvish Health Elixir

9th level: Master Physician. Master Physician triples natural daily healing of those attended PLUS 1-4 hit points recovered each day, adding the result to the natural healing for the day.


Experience Points



















Most Healers work in a community, aiding the locals and the poor. To these, and to adventurers who are injured aiding the community, most Healers charge minimal amounts (sometimes nothing) for their services. But when adventurer types blow into town looking to buy up all the healing, the prices jump! NOTE: A Healer will never sell all of the stock, less a local might need something before it can be replenished.

Cost to Make reflects an area where the ingredients can be found.


Cost to Make

Sale Price to Locals

Sale Price to Outsiders

Regular Basic Bandage Roll




Prepared Bandage Roll




Healing Tea




Wound Balm




Burn Balm




Venom Poultice




Health Elixir




First Aid treatment




Enhanced First Aid Treatment




Physician Treatment





Regular Basic Bandages

Basic linen bandages.  Suitable for stopping the bleeding.  Other then being pre-cut and handy, (no need to tear up a cloak or tunic) there is nothing special about these bandages.  They are the type that non Healers usually have on hand and while they stop bleeding they do not enhance normal healing.


Prepared Bandage Rolls

These clean and prepared bandage rolls are long enough to bandage most ‘minor’ wounds.  Multiple rolls may be needed for ‘serious’ wounds. 
More then just clean linen, the bandage rolls prepared by Healers are treated with herbs and liniments to ease pain, inhibit infection and staunch bleeding. THESE are the bandage rolls found in a Healer’s Bag.  It is the use of these bandages, along with the Healer’s skill, that allows the enhanced HP recovery from First Aid by a Healer.  Note: In the hands of an untrained individual, these bandages are no more effective the basic bandages.


Elvin Healing Formulas

Sages claim that these formulas were created by the Wood Elves thousands and thousands of years ago. The formulas, made of various herbs, salts and minerals, were shared by the Elves with humans, halflings and, grudgingly, Dwarves. Today, Healers of all races learn the art of making these substances.

Elvin Healing Tea  Drinking this heals 1d4hp per flask.  An individual can only consume two these in a 24 hour period.  Additional doses in that time period will give no benefit.

Elvin Venom Poultice  Applying this reduces damage from natural poisons (snake, spider, etc) by 50% recovering that damage over 8 hours the poultice is in place over the bite/sting.  Note: Must be left in place for at least 8 hours or the effect is lost.  One use per poultice.

Elvin Wound Balm  Heals 1d6hp per application 2 applications per jar. 

Elvin Burn Balm  Heals 2d6hp of Burn Damage ONLY.  1 application per jar.

Elvish Health Elixir 1 flask can cure MOST natural diseases. (DM’s choice.  Examples: Cholera, Dysentery, Infections, Malaria, Fever, Plague. ) BUT NOT curses or diseases unique to monsters.


Healer Bag  (115gp)
This is usually a leather satchel that will, at the minimum, contain prepared bandages for attending to 10 people.  It will usually contain a bottle of some type of alcohol based cleaning solution for wounds.  A light oil (non flammable) used for dressing abrasions and mild burns.  Splinting materials. Tourniquet materials.  2 bottles of Wound Tea. 2 pots of Wound Balm,  2 pots of Burn Balm. 1 Venom Poultice. 1 Health Elixir. 



Sweet Water

The magical Potion, ‘Sweet Water’ when ingested is a sovereign cure for all venom and poisons that have been injected or ingested (BUT NOT INHALED!)  The effect is similar to the 4th level Cleric spell, ‘Neutralize Poison.’  It does not work on Cloud Kill or inhaled spores, dust or gas.  It DOES work on bites and stings from venomous creatures, poisoned blades and ingested poisons. The entire potion must be consumed to neutralize the toxin.  Drinking half of the Sweet Water potion will act as the 2nd level Cleric spell ‘Slow Poison‘ that is cast by a 7th level Cleric. 
In either circumstance, the potion can ‘recover’ a character that has been poisoned up to 7 turns earlier and is, to all appearances, dead.

Healers are NOT able to make Sweet Water.  It can be made by Alchemists, some Magic Users and, rarely, can be found in nature in certain (rare) mineral springs.  A Sweet Water Potion generally sells for about 250gp (if you can find one.)