Empire of Ilshar

Ilshar lies on the west of Palador, along the coast of the Sea of Storms.  At one time encompassing the Caliph of Balaghad, the current Empire took shape two hundred and eighty five years ago under the Emperor AzShoss ‘The Great.’ The current ruler is Salizar VII.
The Emperor of Ilshar assumes both secular and divine power when he ascends the throne. (Unlike the Caliphate of Trusk.) Making him THE most powerful individual in all of Palador, and Solista!

Ilshar consists of seven subject nations plus Tarpia on Solista. The seven nations are:

Balaghad: The core of the old Caliph and still the center of the Imperial Government as well as being the Religious and cultural center of the Empire.  As well as being the Holy City of the Followers of Bala where the Temple of Law stands, it is the most settled, developed and densely populated section of Ilshar.

Cardath: A coastal region that has long had cultural and trade connections with Solista.  Though the population is overwhelmingly followers of Bala, there is a population of Orthodox Kostrins that live there peacefully.

Dharma: An important agricultural area for the Empire.  Commonly referred to as ‘The Granary.’

Jhidduth: Border region to Yttral.  Strong cultural connections with the nomads.  These ties, and the fact that most people speak the nomad language, makes it the source of many of the officers who command Yttral mercenaries in the Imperial forces.

Zegrah: An area rich in iron and other metals that has, for centuries, been the source of a variety of ores and home to many of the best smiths and craftsmen in the Empire.

Seth: Another mineral rich area, but best known for its silver mines.

Tarrakha: Area closest to Katraal.  Though Bala is the dominant religion, there are numerous followers of the ‘pagan’ faiths of the Katraal tribes.