Camping & Survival Gear
Backpack, large, leather 100lbs cap. wt.10lbs 2gp Water poof
Backpack, small, leather 40lbs cap. wt.3lbs 1gp Water proof
Backpack, large, wicker 80lbs cap. wt.5lbs 5s Wicker packs are not waterproof
Backpack, small, wicker 40lbs cap. wt.2lbs 3s Wicker packs are not waterproof
Basics, Personal wt. – 2.5s spoon, fork, knife, flint&steel
Bedroll, with ground cloth, wt 5lbs 15s good to freezing temperatures
Blanket, heavy wool wt 3lbs 10s
Bucket, wooden wt. 3lbs (empty) 2gal cap 15s
Cooking pots, wt.10lbs 5gp light weight 2 piece
Crampons, ice wt.1lb 25s
aid kit, adds 1 to skill wt.2lbs
& Steel, wt-.
Fishhook & line, 20’line 10lb test wt.- .5s
Fish net, 10’x 20′ wt.10lbs 15s $1.50/ additional Square Foot
Furs, sleeping, wt.4lbs 10g good to -20F
Hammock, fabric wt. 3lbs 5s
Pot, iron small 1 gal. cap.wt. 4lbs 5gp
Pot, iron large 5gal.cap.wt. 15lbs 25gp
Skin, H2O/wine 1 gal wt.- 15s
Skin, H2O/wine 5 gal wt.1lb 3.5gp
Tent, 2 man wt.12lbs 2g Needs 1 6’pole
Tent, 4 man wt.30lbs 75s needs 2 6’poles
Tent, 20 man wt.100lbs 15e needs 16 6’poles
Pole, 6′ 11/2″dia. wt.3lbs 5cp


Cp or cp = copper

Sp or sp = Silver

El or el = Electrum

Gp or gp = Gold

Pp or pp = Platinum