Camping & Survival Gear
Backpack, large, leather 100lbs cap. wt.7lb empty 2gp Water poof 4cubic foot capacity
Backpack, small, leather 40lbs cap. wt.3lb empty 1gp Water proof 2 cubic foot capacity
Backpack, large, wicker 80lbs cap. wt.4lbs empty 5s Wicker packs are not waterproof 3 cubic foot capacity
Backpack, small, wicker 40lbs cap. wt.2lbs empty 3s Wicker packs are not waterproof 2 cubic foot capacity
Basics, Personal wt. – 2.5s spoon, fork, knife, flint&steel
Bedroll, with ground cloth, wt 5lbs 15s good to freezing temperatures
Blanket, heavy wool wt 3lbs 10s good to -10 degrees
Bucket, wooden wt. 3lbs (empty) 2gal cap 15s
Cooking pots, wt.10lbs 5gp light weight 2 piece
Crampons, ice wt.1lb 25s
aid kit, adds 1 to skill wt.2lbs
& Steel, wt-.
Fishhook & line, 20’line 10lb test wt.- .5s
Fish net, 10’x 20′ wt.10lbs 15s $1.50/ additional Square Foot
Furs, sleeping, wt.4lbs 10g good to -30F
Hammock, fabric wt. 3lbs 5s
Pot, iron small 1 gal. cap.wt. 4lbs 5gp
Pot, iron large 5gal.cap.wt. 15lbs 25gp
Skin, H2O/wine 1 gal wt.- 15s
Skin, H2O/wine 5 gal wt.1lb 3.5gp
Tent, 2 man wt.12lbs 2g Needs 1 6’pole
Tent, 4 man wt.30lbs 75s needs 2 6’poles
Tent, 20 man wt.100lbs 15e needs 16 6’poles
Pole, 6′ 11/2″dia. wt.3lbs 5cp


Cp or cp = copper

Sp or sp = Silver

El or el = Electrum

Gp or gp = Gold

Pp or pp = Platinum