Welcome to Titan

The World of Titan

Titan is a magic rich, high fantasy world that draws some loose parallels from real Earth Europe/Africa/Middle East history.

According to the most knowledgeable Human Sages, Titan has three continents. Solista, Palador and Lavalla.

Play will begin on Solista.

Titan is embedded deep in a Glacial Epoch. The northern and southern latitudes are cold, dry tundra, vast conifer forests and layers of ice and snow that are, in some places, miles deep. This climate pattern has persisted for the last 30,000 years and shows no sign of letting up.
The middle and equatorial latitudes remain warm and temperate even tropical. Jungles, warm deserts, rain forests, deciduous woodlands, savannas and grasslands are common.
Aside from the common run of domesticated and ‘mundane’ animals, (horses, cattle, rabbits, squirrels, cats, dogs, pigs…) there are a number of Quaternary period species (from Eocene, Miocene, Pleistocene epochs.) Examples include Dire Wolves, Saber Tooths, Mastodons/Mammoths, Giant Sloths, Terror Birds, etc.  AND a few large reptiles, survivors of a truly distant past. Additionally there are a variety of ‘fantastic’ creatures that, according to some Sages, are not originally native to Titan.