Non Human Faiths

The very existence of Dwarves, Elves, Goblins and such is an awkward problem for Kostrin and Balan clerics.  These ‘older’ races predate humanity on Titan, or at least, civilized humanity.  Both Bala and Kostris are promulgated as Human loving, divine beings that are all knowing, all powerful, etc, etc  Explaining how these other races fit in, how their beliefs and deities can coexist with Kostis/Bala can be, for the more fanatical and less educated, a source of much mental anguish, twisted logic and tunnel vision.

Both Kostrin and Balan clerics largely ignore the existence of Elves and Dwarves.  Neither fit well into their mythology and no one really wants to aggravate the Dwarves by accusing them of worshiping demons.  Their economic and industrial might makes them important allies to the human kings and rulers.

As for the elves, their faith is lumped with Druidism and is seen as the source of that heresy.   Besides, the Druids have a lot of power….

The Goblins

Kostrin and Balan fanatics consider the deities of the Goblin races as demonic, and while some may well be, others are not. 

The Goblin Pantheon is worshiped by many, maybe most, Goblins and many Hob Goblins.  It is rare amongst the Buge and all but unkown amongst Ogres and Giants.

Garas ‘The Wise/Cunning’
Garas is the nominal leader of the Goblinoid deities.  Though not the strongest or greatest fighter, he is the smartest and wisest.  Those he can’t out fight he can out think.  He is the patron of Goblin craftsmen, merchants, sages and mages.

Rhakas ‘The Warrior’
Rhakas is the preferred deity amongst Hob Goblins and those few Buge who follow traditional ways.  Patron of warriors and hunters and those who value Strength and Might.  Not always the sharpest blade, but usually the toughest.

Tradas ‘The Keeper of Life”
Tradas is Garas’ sister and Rhakas on again, off again, wife.  She is the Keeper of Life.  Healing, Fertility (both of Goblins and their livestock and crops) Children, and the Hearth and Home.  Her Powers are in many ways the greatest of all the Goblinoid Deities and though her brother is the nominal leader, Tradas is usually the motivator and driving force.

Sladas “Lord of the Dead  the Judge’
Sladas judges the soul of each Goblin upon death.  Those considered worthy go to Ulla, the Goblin city of the dead, sort of a Goblin Valhalla, though not limited to fighter types.  Anyone who was ‘True to family, friendsth some shades of red and very rarely, blond. and allies’ and who did not harm others (Goblins only for this!) will spend eternity partying in the lush City of Ulla…  Those who are lacking, wander lost forever…  Sladas is Garas’ Uncle/Brother, but is not Tradas’ brother… (It is complicated.)  He is older then Garas and will Judge the other Deities at the End.  Considered emotionless and stone faced, Sladas is also, the Patron of Gamblers!

Irwi ‘The Dark One’
Irwi is the closest the Goblin’s pantheon gets to an evil god.  Irwi seizes the souls that Sladas condemns (if they are not buried properly by their family) and harnesses them as his Undead Slaves.  These Damned will, at the End, be let loose upon the world and slay all remaining Goblins and everything else, including the Goblin deities.  Once ‘The Horde’ is large enough, Irwi releases it to destroy all!  No one knows just how large the Horde needs to be, and thus when the End will come.  So it behooves all Goblins to follow the rules and bury the dead, so as to not add to the Horde!

The Adzar (The Following)
The Adzar are another ‘Horde’ but this one serves the other Deities Not Irwi) and act as messengers, guardians, soldiers and punishers.  They will battle Irwi’s Horde at the End (though they are not expected to win because they will be vastly outnumbered.)  They come in a vast array of forms.  Usually as some type of Goblin, but they can be monstrous in appearance.  Powers and strength varies, but is usually equal to the task.  Being elevated (upon death) to the Adzar is a great honor! 


The Dwarves

According to legend… In the beginning there was the Rock…

Two great pieces of rock came to life in the primordial chaos that was.  One rock took the form or Morodin, ‘The Father/Forger/Crafter/Smyth’  The other took the form of Gisell, ‘The Mother/Giver.’
Morodin began crafting the stone about him into little versions of Gisell and himself and then Gisell breathed Life and Souls into each one.  Thus creating the original ‘Ancestors and Forefathers’ of all the Dwarves that came after to this day.  Morodin’s forges continue to craft things, and Gisell continues to breath life into them, but rarely these days does Morodin make a Dwarf directly. (Leaving his people to reproduce on their own.) But sometimes, when a great hero comes along, it is said that He/She is ‘From the Fire!’ Meaning made at Morodin’s Forge.
Dwarves who are worthy, upon death, go to work beside Morodin and Gisell.  Those unworthy wander forever in the darkest vaults of the earth, never knowing peace…


The Reptile Races

Little is known about the religions of the reptile races.  Many seem to ally themselves with Demonic Beings.  Others whisper about ‘Old Ones’ or ‘Sleepers.’  Others speak, rarely, of ‘The Egg(s)’ though Sages are uncertain as to what that means.