Death, Dying, Bleeding

In Titan Death is common and life is cheap.  So it is wise to understand the rules on how you can die, and more importantly, prevent death.

(See Healers and Healing)


Your character is DEAD if he or she receives Damage that takes your Hit Points to, EITHER, -10 OR minus your Constitution score, which ever is greater.  So, a character with a Constitution of 8 must take damage leading to -10 or more to be Dead.  A character with a Constitution of 16 must take damage leading to -16  or more to be dead. 

If your character takes damage exceeding the hit points that he or she has remaining, reducing them to a negative number,  but LESS then their Constitution, for example, -2.  The character is Unconscious. The character is ALSO bleeding! 

Damage that takes a character to EXACTLY 0 (zero) whether it is a single blow or the result of multiple blows, will cause the character to make a Saving Throw vs Constitution.  (Roll your CN or LESS on a D20.)  Success means the character remains conscious and may opt to continue fighting for ONE MORE ROUND (before blood loss makes you unconscious) or take steps to fix themselves up.  Bind wounds, drink potion, etc.  NOTE: Bleeding to zero results in unconsciousness with no save.



Wounds bleed.  They bleed at a rate of 1 hit point per Round (minute) and will continue to do so until Death or Aid comes whether the character is conscious or not.
NOTE: The DM does not start counting bleeding rounds for any character until one of the following criteria is met.

1  The character is ‘Down and Out.’  Unconscious on the ground while the fight continues (if it does.)  Unless someone stops to help in the middle of combat your best hope is that the fight ends soon.
2  The character is Zero (and still awake.) If the character opts to continue fighting, or tries to do anything that does not involve his or her health, the count will begin!  You have 1 round before you collapse unconscious.
3   The battle is over and no one takes, or HAS, time to address wounds.  Blood loss WILL NOT be counted against a character WHILE he or she is still actively fighting.  Adrenaline and the necessity of fighting to stay alive will, temporarily, overcome the effects of blood loss.  HOWEVER, if the fight continues for MORE the ten rounds after the first wound, the accumulated loss will be applied at the end of the combat.  Added to what ever damage the character has taken during the fight.  If this takes the character below 0 hp, he or she then immediately passes out.  If this total exceeds negative CN… The Hero wins, but drops over dead from the effort…  Characters who finish the fight and immediately turn to looting the dead with 1 or 2 hp, may find themselves getting woozy, then blacking out.


Aid can be self administered, if the character is conscious, or given by another.

Binding Wounds: This DOES NOT restore hit points, it does stop further blood loss.  Anyone can bind wounds, on themselves (if awake) or on another. 
Healing Potions:  An unconscious person CANNOT DRINK!  Pouring that healing potion down an unconscious person’s throat has a 1 in 4 (rolla D4) chance of choking and killing the subject, and wasting the potion!   Save the potion till they are awake.  Use an ointment or balm instead!

Natural Healing: A full day of rest restores 1hp per day if unattended by a Healer.  After 30 days the healing rate increases to 5hp per day.
IF a Healer is in attendance, the Natural Healing Rate is 2hp per day for the first 30 days and 6hp per day there after. (Read the section on Healers and Healing.)


A Glorious Death!

In the event that a character suffers a blow that is either so massive, or when added to earlier damage, takes the character in one swoop to Negative Constitution or -10 (see above) the character is dead on its feet.  However, the character may make one final, supreme effort (IF he/she saves vs Constitution on a D20) and gets a last swing with the axe, a chance to utter last words, throw themselves in front of the dragon or on to the grenade (metaphorically speaking) so to be sung of by the bards ever after…
A successful save vs CN allows the character to, if they choose, make a final attack at +4 to Hit.  There is no follow up action.  The character is DEAD whether they hit or not!  Other actions are possible, as long as it does not involve moving beyond 1 yard from the location the character took the mortal blow.  Is not complex or time consuming. (Now is not the time to get out the scroll to read.)  Does not involve trying to heal oneself (you may use your last act to aid another!) And isn’t too over the top as far as the DM is concerned.