An ancient practice, derived from the Elves. It centers on the Spirits of Nature and various personifications of natural power.
The Elves consider the Human flavor of Druidism rather simplistic, but appreciate that many humans gain a better comprehension of the essentials through the personification of the Elements and Nature.

The key elements of the faith are:

The Sun or ‘Solsa’
The Earth or ‘Distra’
The Waters or ‘Ullia’
The Plant Life or ‘Thera’ sometimes called ‘The Green’
The Animal Life or ‘Cennos’ sometimes called ‘The Beast’

To simplify a complex philosophy, balance and harmony of ALL the elements must be preserved for the world, collectively known as ‘Tiastron’ to live.
Druidism is most prevalent in the Barrier Peaks and the lands to the north. In the Independent Kingdoms, Druid Shrines and Groves are officially sanctioned and protected from Kostrin fanatics. It can also be found in the south (though more discretely) in the countryside of those kingdoms and lands spread along the foothills of the Barrier Peaks.

The Kostrin Church is wary of Druidism and has launched several purges to drive it out of human populated areas (it doesn’t care about the soulless non humans!) Time, politics and circumstances have brought an uneasy truce with the Druids and the Kostrin followers. As long as they keep their practices out of the towns and cities the Kostrin Clerics ignore them.