Magic Users

DM Note:  What follows are a few changes to the Magic User Class as it exists in Titan,


Creating your Character
Magic Users automatically start with 4 hit points (plus any Constitution bonus if applicable.)

Magic Users ARE permitted to wear an Arming Doublet, AC=9 or, Padded Armor AC=8     Or, more specifically to the class (and Titan) a Gambeson.  AC = 8

Magic Users ARE permitted to wear an Arming Cap or Hood  AC= 8  Or a  Leather helm/cap. AC= 8

In addition to Dagger, Dart and Staff, a Magic User on Titan may select from: Club/baton (size and weight equal to a Rod or stout walking stick.)   Crossbow (Light, Medium or Heavy
(Crossbows require little training to use and are a perfect fit for a bookworm.)

Spell Book
All Magic Users begin with a Grimoire containing 20 blank parchment pages and the information on the spells they begin play with at no cost.  See Magic Shops for more detail.

Spell Notes
Read Magic is an Ability of Magic Users, NOT a spell.  No memorization is required.  The language of Magic in an ancient and archaic form of Elvish.  See Languages for details.  This applies ONLY to Magic Users.