Weapon Proficiencies

At creation a player may select from the Weapon proficiencies  and Armor types listed below. 
Note: See Light Crossbow below.


Kostrin Cleric  2 Weapons
Weapon selection: 
Mace (Bar), Club Heavy, Club Light (Throwing) Chain Flail, Maul, Hammer,  Hammer (Throwing), Staff
Armor:  Any

Balan Cleric    2 Weapons
Weapon selection: Axe, Kiliga (Scimitar), Mace, Flail, Club, Hammer, Staff, Dagger
Armor:  Any

Druid    2 Weapons
Weapon selection:  Club, Dagger, Dart, Hammer, Sling, Spear, Staff, Falcon
Armor: Leather,  Padded, Arming Doublet, Gambeson, Wooden Shield

Fighter:  4 Weapons
Weapon selection: Any
Armor: Any

Ranger:  3 Weapons
Weapon selection: Any
Armor: Any

Magic User:   1 Weapon
Weapon selection: Club (Walking stick/Rod), Crossbow, Dagger, Dart, Staff
Armor: Arming Doublet, Gambeson, Padded, leather helm/cap, Arming cap/hood

Thief:           2 Weapons
Weapon selection: Club, Crossbow, Dagger, Dart, Short Bow, Sling, Sword (Broad, Long, Short any style)
Armor: Leather, Arming Doublet, Gambeson, Padded, leather helm/cap, Arming cap/hood

Other Weapon Proficiencies
These are available as an optional weapon proficiency for Fighters and, in some cases, Rangers.

Mounted Combat
A Fighter or Ranger may select this as one of his/her weapon proficiencies.  It allows the character to attack and defend normally while on horseback.  A character who lacks this proficiency and who attempts to fight from horseback, is at -5 to hit and AC is at -3.

Heavy Weapons
Fighters ONLY. may select any one (per specialization) to build, maintain and operate.

Adding Proficiency and Non Proficiency Penalty

Clerics              1 per 4 levels     -3 to hit
Druids              1 per 5 levels      -4 to hit
Fighter             1 per 3 levels     -2 to hit
Ranger             1 per 3 levels     -2 to hit
Magic User      1 per 6 levels     -5 to hit
Thief                1 per 4 levels     -3 to hit


Light Crossbows

The Light Crossbow is a very simple weapon and can be used by any class that does not have a restriction on missile weapons or drawing blood (clerics.)  It DOES NOT require a weapon proficiency to use!  It only requires instruction from anyone already able to use one and about an hours practice.  Shooting without that practice will cause penalties to hit until the character spends an hour practicing.
An hour’s practice is equal to 30 shots with the crossbow.  The first 10 are at -3  The second 10 at -2  The third 10 at -1.  Thereafter shots are made with no penalty.  If a character picks up a lighr crossbow and begins using it without the training, the same penalties and count will apply until the character has used it 30 times.