The Market Place

The prices and general descriptions listed here pertain to the cities and towns of southern Solista, the so called ‘Civilized Lands.’ When traveling off Solista, or even in the wilder northern reaches, goods and prices are subject to change

NOTE:  Prices are listed in standard AD&D coins as well as GURPS $

Coins are made to be broken or divided into halves, quarters and in some
cases eighths.

AD&D Coin Type Size GURPS $ Abbreviation
Copper Full $ .20 C or cp
Copper Half $ .10 C or cp
Copper Quarter $ .05 C or cp
Silver Full $2.00 S or sp
Silver Half $1.00 S or sp
Silver Quarter $ .50 S or sp
Electrum Full $20.00 E or ep
Electrum Half $10.00 E or ep
Electrum Quarter $ 5.00 E or ep
Gold Full $40.00 G or gp
Gold Half $20.00 G or gp
Gold Quarter $10.00 G or gp
Platinum Full $200.00 P or pp
Platinum Half $100.00 P or pp
Platinum Quarter $50.00 P or pp

Small Change
Round Prices to the nearest AD&D equivalent coin. Ex. $ .12 = half copper