The prices and general descriptions listed here pertain to the cities and towns of southern Solista, the so called ‘Civilized Lands.’ When traveling off Solista, or even in the wilder northern reaches, goods and prices are subject to change

Coins of Titan

NOTE:   MOST prices are listed in standard AD&D coins as well as GURPS $  1 AD&D Silver piece = $2 GURPS

Coins are made to be broken or divided into halves, quarters and in some
cases eighths.

AD&D Coin Type (Titan)
Size/Description GURPS $ Abbreviation
Copper (Pence or Kolb)
(Erama in Palador)
Full coin
$ .20 C
Copper (Half Pence)
(Bronze Bos in Palador)
Full Half Pence coin or half of a Kolb
Full Bos coin
$ .10 hp
Copper (Farthing)
(Bronze Sus in Palador)
Full coin or Quarter of a Kolb
Full Sus coin
$ .05 fp
Silver (Noble or Orb)
Full coin (10cp)
$2.00 S
Silver half
Half a coin (5cp)
$1.00 sp
Silver quarter
Quarter of a coin (2.5cp)
$ .50 sp
Electrum (Astra = Palador only)
Full  coin (10sp)
$20.00 E
Electrum half
Half a coin  (5sp)
$10.00 ep
Electrum quarter
Quarter of a coin (2.5sp)
$ 5.00 ep
Gold (Royal or Double Crown)
Full coin (20sp)
$40.00 G
Gold, half Royal  (Crown)
Half a Royal (Full Double Crown coin)  (10sp)
$20.00 gp
Gold, quarter Royal, half Crown
Quarter a Royal coin (Half a Crown coin) (5sp)
$10.00 gp
Platinum (Imperial)
Full coin (5gp)
$200.00 P
Platinum half
Half a coin (2.5gp)
$100.00 pp
Platinum quarter
Quarter of a coin  (1.25gp)
$50.00 pp

Small Change
Round Prices to the nearest AD&D equivalent coin. Ex. $ .12 = half copper

Coins of Central, Southern Solista

Since Emperor Kalvin Korrilean’s standardization of money in the areas he controlled, the various countries have largely retained the standards he set, recognizing the economic value of standardized currency. As a result, coins minted to the Korrilean Standard are referred to as ‘Korrileans’ as in “The price is 50 silver, Korrilean.” To distinguish from older coins that must be examined, weighed and assayed.

Imperial = Platinum Coin = 5gp (pp)
Rarely seen in circulation. First minted by the Kings on Kintalia a hundred and fifty odd years ago. Duplicated by a few kingdoms and standardized by Korrilean.

Royal = Gold Coin = 20sp (gp)

Largest denomination in routine circulation. Still uncommon in the day to day economy of most villages. Frequently cut into halves and quarters. Standardized by Korrilean.

Noble = Silver Coin = 10cp (sp)

Common coin in circulation. Frequently cut into halves and quarters. Standardized by Korrilean.

Pence = Copper Coin = 2hp (cp)

The common coin of the masses. Most day to day purchases (food, drink, etc) is done with pence. Frequently cut into halves and quarters. Standardized by Korrilean.

Half Pence = Copper Coin = 2fp (hp)

Put into circulation by Korrilean to bolster economy and reduce the practice of cutting pence.

Farthing = Copper Coin (fp)

Put into circulation by Korrilean to bolster economy and reduce the practice of cutting pence.

Half pence and farthings are smaller coins then the Pence



Other Coins of Solista

Large swathes of the Solistan continent never came under Korrilean’s control. Some of this area, recognizing the advantages, either then or later, switched to the Korrilean Standard,. Others either chose to ignore it, or were/are, too poor to afford the switch. And in some cases, too stubborn.
Additionally, there is a lot of ‘Pre-Korrilean’ (PK) coinage still in circulation. The Korrilean Standard has been in wide spread use for a bit over 20 years.
Pre-Korrilean coins would vary in purity and weight from country to country, with rulers adjusting the purity as needed to suit their needs. In general, PK coins had lower values compared to similar Korrilean Standard coins and fall into the following categories.

Double Crown = Gold Coin = 20sp
This was the highest denomination coin used by most nations. It’s actual value would vary, due to content, by as much as 20% +/- up to 4sp Frequently cut into halves and quarters. The Double Crown is close to Korrilean value = 1 Royal or 20 Nobles.

Crown = Gold Coin = 10sp
This is the most common gold coin previously used PK. It’s actual value would vary, due to content, by as much as 20% +/- up to 2sp Frequently cut into halves and quarters. The Crown, which is considered half of a Double, was actually smaller then half in weight. Giving it a value, in Korrilean Standard of 9 Nobles.

Orb = Silver Coin = 10cp
These silver coins, (and Hal’Orbs) were the most common currency across most of Solista and large quantities are still in circulation. It’s actual value would vary, due to content, by as much as 20% +/- up to 2cp Frequently cut into halves and quarters. Orbs are also very close to their Korrilean counter part, exchanging at 1 to 1 with Nobles.

Kolb = Copper Coin
The lowest minted, base coin. The Kolb was routinely cut into halves and quarters and even eighths as needed. Korrilean Pence are actually worth half a Kolb in terms of metal value. Meaning that a Half Kolb = 1 Pence. A quarter Kolb = 1 Half Pence. An eighth Kolb = 1 Farthing.



Coins of Palador (Ilshar & Trusk)

Despite on again and off again hostility between the rulers of Ilshar and Trusk, there is a long established foundation of cooperation at many levels, One level is in the minting of coins. Though shapes and designs vary, the weight and purity are kept on par. This has been beneficial to the entirety of Palador and was the inspiration for Emperor Korrlean’s standardization of the coins of Solista.

Note: Palador has very little Platinum, so it is not used as a coin in the region. Solistan platinum pieces are valued and accepted, often gaining a small bonus (5%) in exchanges.
The use of Electrum and Bronze coins in Palador dates back to the days of the Zamoran Empire.

Solar = Gold Coin = 20sp or 2ep (gp)

Astra = Electrum Coin = 10sp (ep)

Lunar = Silver Coin = 10er (sp)

Erama = Copper Coin = 2bp (er or cp)

Bos = Bronze Coin = ½er 2su (bp)

Sus = Bronze Coin = 1/2bp (su)


Exchange Rates

Emperor Korrilean deliberately copied the coins of Ilshar and Trusk in an effort to boost trade and the economies of Solista. Consequently, 1 Royal = 1 Solar, 1 Noble = 1 Lunar, 1 Pence = 1 Erama, 1 Half Pence = 1 Bos and 1 Farthing = 1 Sus.

In general, when dealing with PK coins, most merchants weigh them and go with that value. Some of the nations using the K Standard, actively seek to recover PK coins to melt them down and reissue as Standard coins. Exchange with Palador coins is conducted in the same way.