Despite the obvious difference between the race of Giants, an average height of 12′ to 18′ and a weight of 2,500 to 7,000 pounds, and the races of Goblins, they are in fact a variant of the Goblin species. Sages have observed the racial connection between the goblins and the Giants. ( Citing Ogres as an example of Giant/Goblin crossbreeding.) Moderately hairy, much like a Hob-Goblin, their skin color comes in a wide variety from near albino white to very dark brown. Like Common Goblins, splotchy, piebald coloration is not unknown.
Giants are generally found in rugged, mountainous terrain and along both shores of the North Sea, especially (on the west, Solistan, coast) in Gallenna. They are mostly nomadic, though it is not uncommon for them to have a location that they frequently return to in the course of their wanderings.
Technologically, Giants are rather primitive, though they do recognize the value of manufactured goods they are mostly unable to replicate them on their own. Instead trading, or stealing, what they need in the way of weapons, armor or tools. Giants usually get on well enough with Ogres and, rarely, Bug Bears. Beyond that they are indifferent to the other sentient species with the exception of Dwarves whom they reputedly love the taste of! Commonly assumed to be stupid and slow, this is not universally true and their intellect should not be underestimated.
Giants have their own dialect that is a cross of the Human Common found amongst the  Barbarians of Gallena and corrupted Goblin.  Some are more versed in the human tongue, though very few are fully proficient in Goblin.