Creatures of Titan

The Creatures of Titan

These creatures listed are not the native fauna, however exotic they maybe, nor are they of the major races (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Reptile, Giants, etc) but are, rather, the unusual and (probably) alien creatures that can be found in various parts of the world.

The informa

Jaette or Troll


‘Jaette’ or Troll

The Jaette (Breccian name) or Troll, is a dangerous and vicious creature. It is carnivorous with little regard as to what it eats. Its intelligence level can vary widely from low, nearly animal like, to quite high.

Physically bipedal, they range in height from seven to eleven feet with an almost ‘rubbery’ skin that is moss green, mottled green and gray, or putrid gray in color.

The creature’s strength varies somewhat with size, but at the low end is equivalent to an Ogre and at the upper end, a Giant.

Their eyes are dull black with no whites and they are able to see the heat radiating from their prey. They have unusually long, thin noses that are acutely sensitive and seem to be capable of almost prehensile movement.

Their large mouths are full of sharp, flesh rending teeth, with four massive fangs across the front. The upper two being larger then the lower two.

What appears as hair on their bodies, mostly on the head and around the shoulders and chest, is in fact some type of skin growth, with each ‘follicle’ being many times thicker then normal hair and able to flex and writhe in response to movement and sensory input around the creature.

Hands and feet have four digits instead of five, with one ‘finger’ on each hand being at least twice as thick and strong as the others. All the gingers and toes have hard, heavy, sharp claws. Black in color and very sharp. Combined with the creatures immense strength they are able to disembowel a horse with a single swipe.

The single most distinguishing characteristic of these creatures is their frighteningly fast regenerative abilities. Any wound they suffer closes almost immediately with no serious loss of blood and is completely healed in a matter of minutes. Lost limbs regrow almost as quickly, with severed limbs still moving and functioning. (Hands grasping and clawing.) A severed head remains aware, snapping and biting at those within a yard or so. If the body is in tact the head is able to control it, though severed, if it is within a few yards. If the Jaette is able to pick up and recover a severed limb, or head, and apply it to the wound, the limb/head will almost immediately (seconds) reattach itself and resume full functionality.

As remarkable as this is, perhaps even more so is the fact that a severed part that is ‘lost’ to the main body is able to regrow an entire ‘new’ Jaette. This is equally true for virtually any piece or gobbet of flesh from the original. The ‘New’ Troll does not retain the memories or personalities of the old if it is grown from a limb or bit of flesh. If the original piece is the head memories seem to be retained. The ‘new’ Trolls, grown from the ‘bits’ are savage and virtually animal like.

The size of a new Troll depends on the size of the ‘starter.’ Small goblets of flesh will quickly develop into a troll of only a few inches in height. As they feed, and these savage creatures are ravenously hungry, they grow. Adding to their body mass and size at a rate that is almost 1 to 1. Larger pieces, such as a limb, will generate a Troll that is 3 to 4 feet in height. Again, growth, fed by the consumption of flesh, is almost 1 to 1. These growth rates will continue, dependent on the availability of food, until the troll reaches seven or eight feet in height. It is only then that the growth rate slows down, though the creature is always hungry and growth will continue (albeit slowly) until attaining a maximum height of eleven feet.

Upon reaching the mature height of 7 or 8 feet the Troll will begin to develop mentally. Starting at something less then animal intelligence they can, should they live long enough, reach an intelligence level that would be well above average for most humans.  This mental growth is a much slower growth process then physical maturation.

Since Jaette have no genitals or reproductive organs of any kind, those who have studied these creatures have concluded that ALL Trolls are the product or progeny of one, original Troll. Where that Troll came from is a mystery.


Aeolles or Harpy


‘Aelloes’ or Harpy

Called ‘Harpea’ or ‘Harpie’ in Zamoran, their own name fpr themselves is ‘Aelloe.’

Harpies have the bodies of vultures but the upper torsos and heads of women. They are voracious carnivores and foul creatures.

All harpies are able to emit sweet-sounding calls. Any creature hearing these calls will proceed towards the harpies without regard for their own well being. Similarly, the touch of a harpy can charm those individuals unfortunate enough to find themselves with in reach. The harpies attack, torture, and devour their charmed prey. What they do not want they foul with excrement.

A harpy attacks with her vulture claws and some form of weapon. They are quite intelligent and able and willing to employ weapons, spells and magic items. They speak their own language and, rarely, the language of nearby human populations.

Harpies are omnivorous by nature but carnivorous by choice. They eat most things raw, but will eat cooked food if it is available.

All harpies are female, they must have a human male, or parts of a human male, to reproduce. They will use their charm touch to ‘mate’ with a man, (their preferred method) which only has about a 50% chance of successful fertilization. But if the charm doesn’t work they will kill the man and cut off the needed genitals. This method only has about a 1 in 6 chance of working. Harpies are egg layers, and one successful fertilization will fertilize eggs for a year, the harpy retains the semen internally. Allowing anywhere from 6 to 12 eggs to be laid usually in clutches of 1 to 3 at a time with about a month between layings.

Aelloes are unknown in Solista or Pallador. They are reputed to be relatively common in Lavalla, living in large colonies or rookeries that are carved out of high cliff faces with extensive underground chambers. The few individuals who have visited these rookeries report that Harpies keep large populations of human slaves, mostly male but they do retain some females for breeding stock. It is these charmed slaves that provide the skills and manual labor that tend the eggs, feed the young and dig the chambers and craft the weapons, tools and materials for the Harpies. Aelloes’ society is caste based with spell casters forming the ruling caste, with spell casting largely confined to particular bloodlines. Within the ruling caste there is frequent infighting and murder, followed by cannibalism, is not uncommon.

Although excellent fliers, capable of remarkable turns of speed over short distances, they are not capable of sustained long distance flights. This, coupled with wide expanses of ocean and their intolerance to cold temperatures, has largely kept them confined to Lavalla.

Most of what is known about the Aelloes comes from Zamora where many strange, half human/half beast beings, are held in high regard.